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Automated Vision offers stand-alone and full-fledged vision systems. The individually tailored machine vision systems provide unparalleled quality inspection and are coupled with AVL's superb on-site and on-line support structure (available in all of Automated Vision's product lines).  We also include on-site training of the applications and equipment.


A downloadable version of the Automated Vision Brochure (270KB) is available in PDF format.




Automated Vision provides stand-alone "off-the-shelf" type monitoring systems that are not industry-specific, but are easily scalable to customer demands.  These systems allow for fast delivery of the application and equipment giving the end user more productivity in less time.  We offer an easy upgrade opportunity from these systems to full customer-specific inspection systems like those detailed further below.


IDAS DVR - Digital Video Recorder (PDF / 95 KB)





We have provided a number of inspection services to the automotive industry.  These services range from vehicle decal inspection to rigorous piston inspections.


Automated Piston Assembly Inspection

     Application Report (PDF / 183 KB)

     Video Clip (MOV / 0:37 min)





Vision inspection systems do not have to be focused on industry tools and intermediate products, and Automated Vision is well aware of this.  We offer vision systems that can inspect products that go straight to the consumer.


LCD / LED Inspection

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Surface defects and irregularities found on some sort of casing isn't the only thing that AVL can inspect.  For example, electronic systems that include circuitry can be inspected for flaws, providing the clients or the ultimate end user greater productivity with their products.





Automated Vision creates vision systems that are specific to manufacturing industries, because we realize that the finished product isn't the only place to inspect for flaws.  Tools and materials that are ultimately used to create something else are also in need of inspection.  Our inspection systems guarantee that the company that finally does create the finished product will do so with the greatest productivity.





The pharmaceutical industry has been a key industry in Automated Vision's clientele.  These systems have included the counting of pills, scanning for irregularities or "odd-balls" in a given pile, making sure the correct pills are in the correct bottles, and checking for surface defects on medical tools.


Molded Parts Inspection

     Application Report (PDF / 276 KB)

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